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Unlike other conventions you may have experienced, Futurecon is officially a relaxicon, which means the emphasis is on good quality relaxing social time with friends, rather than rushing from panel to panel or waiting in lines for hours. We have some of the most exciting and innovative programming out there for you, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

Highlights include:


  • Enchantment Under the Sea, an all-ages dance designed to re-create the climactic party from Back to the Future
  • Painting Naked Dave and Katherine Curtis from Naked News for Epilepsy Toronto
  • Building a Time Capsule
  • Official Burger King Run

  • Hot Tub Time Machine Pool Party
  • Deluxe 3-course Dinner with spectacular entertainment for all Deluxe Package attendees
  • Gate Nap
  • Ball Dropping Ceremony

  • Schrodinger’s Dog Brunch
  • The Great Star Trek Debate, and Star Trek IV Screening

Download our full pocket programme
as of December 28th here. Please note that the final schedule is subject to change, as we add more great content and events for you!

And of course, we have lots of traditional convention programming as well! There truly is something for everyone at Futurecon.

Book Launches:
Futurecon is pleased to announce that we will have two fabulous authors present – JM Frey, who will be launching the trailer for her book Triptych (available through DragonMoon Press in April 2011) at the Schrodinger’s Dog brunch on Saturday, and Derwin Mak, who will be holding the Canadian book launch for the anthology Infinite Space, Infinite God II (available through Twilight Times Books) on Friday evening, during cocktail hour – prior to the buffet dinner. Please see the Featured Entertainment page for their bios and other information.

By popular demand, there will be a small selection of panels running on Thursday evening and Friday afternoon.

Current Panels:
8 pm Thursday: Divining the Futurecon by Jessica Clayman
Special Feature: 1 free public Tarot Reading for a Cosplay Character attending.
This panel will begin as a compact overview of the farce that is cartomancy, followed by a discussion on the appearance of cartomancy as a plot device in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. For the last half hour there will be time for a quick Tarot Reading – to prevent embarrassment, the reading will be of a person’s CosPlay Character. Q&A will follow. Custom designed tarot decks will be available for sale at the end of the panel.

9 pm Thursday: The Future of Love, Sex and Dating by Shelley Rabinovitch, other panelists TBA
The marriage rate is falling, women are working more than men, same-sex and non-traditional relationships are becoming more accepted, and social networking is rapidly evolving how we communicate. What will this mean for the art of hooking up? How we date? What will be the desirable qualities (and/or quantities) in an SO? (Er, that’s Significant Other, not Security Officer.)

10PM: Game Room – until 2AM
Come and try out the future of gaming: Kinect Adventures and Dance Central, featuring state of the art motion sensor technology. Provided by High Road Communications.

12 pm Friday: Damn you Behemoth! by Dave Ross and Phil Gotfried
Part of the new year is looking back on the year that was. Futurecon has a scapegoat for all the bad, annoying, or just plain dumb stuff that happens in the world: The Behemoth! Come purge the bad memories, or just have a laugh, but no matter what, BLAME THE BEHEMOTH!

12 pm Friday (main room): DJ From the Future by Gopher the Music and Radio Free Zetox
Being a dj is far more than just playing music. There are royalties issues and organizations that you have to be aware of. But the mix still matters, so come and learn how to match rhythms and transition songs, how to work in requests, etc.

1 pm Friday: Sci-Fi Jeopardy by David Ross, Andrew Gurudata, and featuring contestants, and special celebrity guests
Two full games of Jeopardy, without the commercials. For the first half-hour, contestants will compete for prizes and bragging rights. The second half will be a special celebrity guest round!

2 pm Friday: Elasticity of Time vs Paradox by Phil Gotfried and Declan Dennehy
A persistent universe model versus an elastic concept of time travel. How do Farscape and Star Trek compare to each other when their versions of time travel go head to head?

3 pm Friday: The GateNap Experience by (Naked) Dave Ross, with Pillows and Blankies
Futurecon’s own David “Darkstone” Ross has maintained for some time that Stargate has the power to influence dreams when the viewer falls asleep during an episode. Is it true? Come find out for yourself at possibly the only convention-sanctioned nap time in history!
Vote for what Stargate episode to watch.

6 pm Friday: Poi Jam (2 hours) by Adam Smith
Poi is one of the traditional performing arts of the Maori people of New Zealand. Bring your poi, share or learn some tricks and moves, and play as we spin to some tunes! Don’t have any poi or are curious? We’ll have some extras to try out and supplies for making a few pair of sock poi. (No, they’re not Ed the Sock poi. That was last April Fools Day. We’re serious. It was Naked Dave’s fault.)

8 pm Friday: The Chill Out Lounge (Until 2AM)
An alternative to the dance that is quieter and more brightly lit. Want to chat with friends? Fix your costume? Take a quick nap? Maybe do a coloring sheet from the kids room! The Chill Out Lounge is where you can enjoy New Year’s Eve at a more relaxed pace, without leaving the main party space! (Whoa that rhymed!)

2 pm Saturday (room 1402): The TARDIS Panel / Ask a Dalek by Dalek Auric, other panelists TBA
Ever want to hug a Dalek or touch the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver? Now’s your chance, as a mish-mash of characters from the Whoniverse field your deepest, darkest, desires and discussion topics.

3 pm Saturday (room 1402): The Future of Masquerade Skits by Emily Schooley and JM Frey
With masquerades becoming increasingly competitive and skits becoming more popular, this panel will tell you what you need to know to succeed in coming years.

4 pm Saturday (room 1402): The Great Star Trek Debate
This is an open forum to determine which of TOS films is the absolute worst. To prevent chaos, two tribbles will be circulated in the group. Only those holding a tribble can talk. Points must be kept fairly brief: holding a tribble too long causes it to multiply. Moderators will remove multiplying tribbles from play so that the number returns to two once the dialogue starts moving again.
A panel of judges, led by the Voice of Reason and the Ego, determines the winner after 45 minutes of debate.

Optional slots to be filled: 7 pm Thursday, 4 – 6 pm Friday
Our experiment in open source programming. Sign up at the reg/info desk for first-come, first-serve access to one hour of panel time.

Futurecon is pleased to announce an exclusive beta-testing opportunity! Rob Maxwell will be presenting Mercenary.

“Several factions are fighting for control of the Imperium, but as a lowly space mercenary, you are little more than a pawn them. You don’t care about loyalty or political ideals – your goal is to win the fight and earn cash. You choose which factions to work for and which to snub, and as you deliver victories your reputation with certain factions will increase. However, the contracts you accept and the fights you side on will shift the balance of power in the sector. Each shift could bring you power and fortune, or could render you one step closer to becoming obsolete.

Mercenary is a game about crushing your enemies and getting paid, though at its core it is game about economics. You decide which upgrades to invest in and which units to deploy, but while every ship in your fleet makes you stronger, maintaining a large force can quickly drain your profits. When deciding which contracts to accept or reject, be mindful that sometimes the faction you are most interested in building a reputation with is not the faction offering the most profitable contract, or the type of contract your fleet is well-equipped to fulfill. Becoming the most feared mercenary in the Imperium means that to you, war is a business.”

Mercenary is a game for 3-5 players, and demos will run Thursday at 6:30pm and 10:30pm, Friday at 1 pm, and Saturday (TBA). Want to participate? Email future.confidential at gmail dot com
to reserve your space!

D & D – What is a gaming room without this perennial favourite?
Gopher – our New Year’s DJ – is a long time D&D player, and he’s game (pun intended) to run a newbie one-shot Pathfinder campaign on Thursday night. Join in for a magical adventure not to be missed!

Video Games! – We will have exciting demos of two upcoming X-box games, Dance Central and Kinect Adventures. Both are crazy fun.

Board (but not bored!) Games – Join us Friday at 3 pm for a special game of Star Trek monopoly! What is the Vulcan equivalent to Park Place? Come and find out.
And of course, the gaming room will be open all weekend for drop-in games. Bring your favourite people and come and play.

Video Room:
Featuring so much time travel, your head will explode! Run by Steven, we bring you the finest in digital entertainment from 5 pm Thursday until 11 pm Friday.

5PM…Dr. Who
6PM…Quantum Leap
7PM…Back to the Future
9:00PM…Back to the Future 2
11:00PM…Time Bandits
1:00AM…Dr. Who

12 Noon…Back to the Future
2PM… Hot Tub Time Machine
4:30…Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
6:00PM…Red Dwarf
7:00PM…Escape from the Planet of the Apes
8:45PM…Terminator 2

Note that the at-con schedule may change. The website and listing outside the video room will have the most current version available.

Room Parties:
Some great individuals and groups will be running activities out of their own rooms throughout the weekend. Hours of activity and content are up to these folk, but they’re yet another great place to meet people. Check back here during the con for dates, locations, and additions to this list.

Ad Astra – Dec 30th from 8 pm to 12 am (tentatively)
As Ad Astra celebrates its 30th year, drop by to reminisce and meet old and new friends alike.
Come have a “walking taco” and a cold beer! (Sponsored by Mill Street Brewery – Great Beer Lives Here!)
Check us out at .

PixelBarrel – New Year’s Eve after the dinner.
Come for games, freebies, draws and a small supply of stuff to buy.

Steampunk Canada – New Year’s Eve from 9:30pm to 3am.
Drop by for a green beverage of indeterminate and illicit nature, to see and hear about our preview of schemes and plans for the year ahead, or just to socialize away from the banquet and dance for a bit and ring in the New Year.
Wear your steampunk finery and commemorate the occasion with a photograph!
Raffles and draws throughout the evening… win a pair of full membership tickets to Steampunk Canada’s “Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition”, to be held in this very same hotel!

Party in the TARDIS! – Hosted by: Scifi Sara and DJ Goulet. Saturday, January 1st from 7pm until quiet time.
Attention Time Lords and companions! Amy Pond and Rory have commandeered the TARDIS for a rockin’ Dr. Who themed party. Regenerate from New Years with hot Cyberman cider, Sonic Screwdrivers and other delicious cocktails.

Other party blurbs and details to come – just waiting on content from the hosts!

Futurecon Fitness:
Anyone who’s ever seen The Time Traveler’s wife or any of the Terminator films knows that most time travel is usually done in the nude, so if you’re worried you might have put on a few extra pounds over the holidays and want to look your best while avoiding the dangerous side effects of Adipose, why not take advantage of FuturerCon Fitness (Hotel guests only). Why not have a jog on The Flash’s Cosmic Treadmill on exclusive loan from the Keystone City Flash Museum. If treadmills aren’t your thing, you could also try running in place just in case the Doctor chooses you as his next companion (trust us, you’ll need the practice and the cardio if he does). If running isn’t your style, why not run your own aerobic class, just like Joan of Arc did at the San Dimas Mall (just don’t make as a big a mess as Gingas Khan did when he was there!). There’s even a pool where you can swim a few laps (don’t worry we thought it was an event horizon at first too). So if you have any spare time or energy, be sure to check out FutureCon Fitness located in the hotel fitness center.

Kids’ Programming
FutureCon is a family friendly New Years extravaganza featuring fun for the entire family!
The FutureCon kids room features a variety of child friendly time travel themed activities designed by a certified teacher and supervised by an experienced child care professional.
The FutureCon Children’s Programming Track includes:
– Pin the Captain Jack Harkness on the TARDIS
– Time Travel themed colouring sheets, word searches and activity pages
– Kids’ costume contest
– Child appropriate time travel themed screenings
– Time travel themed games
– Pool party
– Colouring contest
– Create your own member of the Legion of Super Heroes
– Time Machine model building contest
– Azores/Cape Verde early New Years Eve countdown
– and more!


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