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What is Futurecon?
Long story short, a few of us came up with the idea of a “new year’s convention” – a fun time to socialize and relax with fellow geeks, and a way to get more of our friends together than what any of our houses could hold. It started as just a New Year’s event, and has since expanded to three days due to demand. Basically, it’s a three day geekstravaganza, with social events, a video room, gaming, and a delicious dinner, plus other fun events and a few panels.

What is a “relaxacon”?
A convention with more focus on relaxing and socializing, rather than some of the other more corporate events out there – it means no stress and no lines, no rushing from panel to panel.

Will there be celebrity guests & autograph sessions?
Again, we’re different from other conventions, in that there’s less of an emphasis on these activities. Our ‘stars’ are all our attendees – we want everyone to have a fun time. That said, there will be authors, webcomic creators, entertainmers, comic book artists, and other media celebrities floating around, though we’re not scheduling set autograph/photo opportunities. Just approach them and ask for a picture or a signature – politely of course! There’s no extra fees or standing in lines for a costly five second encounter; you may actually get time to talk to them!

How do I register for Futurecon?
All you need to do is fill out this form. Up until October 31st, you can select the “pay by cheque” option and give just a $20 deposit to hold your place, with payment arrangements made to cover the balance. After November 1st, you will need to pay in full.

Will you have merchandise available?
When you register for Futurecon, you have the option of pre-ordering a Futurecon t-shirt for just $20. This ensures that your size will be available, and there are both men’s and ladies’ options available. We will also be giving out some cool swag to every registered attendee, including a 48-page programme book that doubles as a photo album.

When will you be announcing the winner of the confail contest? I want to know if I won a free membership before I register.
We’ll be running that contest until October 29th, to give people sufficient time to enter. Note that the confail contest is being run via Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter and would still like to enter, email your worst convention experience to future.confidential at gmail dot com by or before October 29th for consideration – the winner gets a free base membership to Futurecon. For all who enter, we will honour the early-bird pricing should you not win.

Update – November – The winner is Jo Frankel. Congratulations Jo and thanks to all who entered!

What are the start/end times of the con each day? This would help with travel plans.
Please see the Dates and Location tab for all that info!

What about my kids and pets? I don’t want to leave them alone on New Year’s.
Great news – we will have some kids programming/child-minding AND the hotel is pet-friendly. All are welcome, as it should be. Children 14 and under are FREE to attend, and teens 15 – 18 are just $38 until October 31st. Pets in room is an extra $25, as per hotel policies.

What about meals?
For those that purchase the Deluxe package, there’s a lovely 3-course buffet meal on New Year’s Eve, and on New Year’s Day, we have our Schrodinger’s Dog Brunch. The hotel offers a buffet in the morning, and it is available to everyone at $13.95. The restaurant is also open for a la carte breakfast, and there are other food options available around the hotel.

How accurate will the recreation of the Enchantment Under the Sea dance be? The original was formal. Will attendees be requires to be in formal wear to attend?
Our “Enchantment Under the Sea” is open to whatever sort of dress/costuming you’d like to bring for it. The only event with any real dress code will be the dinner, where it’s “formalwear or appropriate costume” specified.

Will there be a vendor room? Cons are usually a great place to get stuff you can’t usually find.
We’re not doing a specific vendor room, but vendors will be present and able to sell out of their hotel rooms. So you’d be getting more of a Pacific Mall-type experience with different shops, rather than all in one area. We’re going to test it out this year, and bring it back next year if it works this way. That way, they can open and close as they please, rather than being stuck at a booth for the day.


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