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Travel to the future with us!

We all wish the holidays could be longer… how about if we could make New Year’s Eve a 3 day party? No need for a time machine or a Doc Brown rigged DeLorean… using the power of time travel, Futurecon is 3 DAYS of fun for the price of one!!!

On New Year’s Eve, why be like everyone else?! Why spend so much just for the usual over-crowded dance floors, drunken strangers and overpriced drinks?

You can do it all at Futurecon!
If you’re into videogames, tabletop gaming, science-fiction, fantasy, steampunk, anime, or anything else that involves time travel, Futurecon is a cannot-miss event as 2010 becomes 2011! Futurecon brings you all of the above, PLUS parties galore, charity fundraisers, and of course the big event – New Year’s Eve – featuring dinner and entertainment hosted by TV heroes Ed the Sock and Liana K (stars of This Movie Sucks).
And don’t forget dancing ‘til tomorrow with local favourite DJ Radio Free Zetox and special guest DJ from Winnipeg, Gopher the Music playing hits from the 60s forward as we count down our journey into the future.

It’s a fully customizable, fully-loaded experience! It’s just $60 at the door for 3 days of fun! Time travel to the future with us!


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